Sunday, January 06, 2013

New Year, More Capt Lacey

From the flood of email in my inbox, many people are waiting anxiously for the release of A Disappearance in Drury Lane.

I know I planned to write and publish this book in 2012, but it unfortunately got shoved to the back burner along with pretty much everything else when Berkley upped my writing schedule for my romance series, asking for a couple of new novellas and another novel to be (quickly) written in 2012. I have signed another contract with Berkley, so the workload will continue.

That said, I am working on Drury Lane right now. I made the mistake last year of projecting too many pub dates, which got me into trouble when things got backed up. So, I'm currently writing the book, I will alert everyone when it is finished and to the copyeditor, by which time I'll be able to announce a definite publication date.

I am also planning an overhaul, with new graphics and design, of the gardnermysteries website (I am hiring someone to do this so it doesn't take writing time). At some point I'll have a lovely new site for Captain Lacey.

Also  I am working on putting out the second boxed set (Sudbury School through Covent Garden along with Necklace Affair). Book 7 (Death in Norfolk) through 9 or 10 will be in a third boxed set after they are all out.

Let me assure everyone that I have not given up on the Captain Lacey series. I have plenty of plans for its future. I do have to work around four other series--a lot for one person to do! but I have not abandoned it.

I am very happy that for the next couple of months I'll be revisiting Captain Lacey, Lady B., Marianne, Grenville, and Mr. Denis, report what they're up to, and pen another dark and gritty mystery.

I will keep you all updated with my progress. Thank you for your patience!

Ashley Gardner