Wednesday, May 08, 2013

New Ashley Gardner Web Site

Looks like my new Ashley Gardner site is live!

It will likely take a while to remove the old site from caches, so please reload the page or retype the address if you see the old, dark blue site. The new site has graphics that resemble the new book covers.

Drury Lane is progressing!

Ashley Gardner website might go down temporarily...

today or so, while we move everything over to the new website. Hope it won't disappear at all, but in case it does--I'M STILL HERE AND NOT GOING ANYWHERE. Will post when new website is live.

Ashley Gardner

Friday, May 03, 2013

Drury Lane and Regency England

Now have one hundred plus pages on Drury Lane! I'm absolutely thrilled to be making progres--it's taken me so dang long to be able to sit down and write this book.

While I'm posting, I'd like to pass on an excellent reference to all things Regency (and late eighteenth century, England and a more global context): the Jane Austen's World blog.

Well worth browsing through for both lovers of Jane Austen's novels and a look into the world of the time.