Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Firewalker (Book 2 of Stormwalker) Out, and Captain Lacey

I'm excited to annouce the release of Firewalker, Book 2 of the Stormwalker series done under my Allyson James persona. This series is set in the American Southwest and follows Janet Begay, a half-Navajo Stormwalker who solves crimes with her sidekick biker boyfriend, and a cast of colorful characters (including a bisexual magic mirror). I have a page dedicated to this series:

For reasons I don't understand, the publisher has labeled these books romance, but they are not romance. I wrote them to be pretty straightforward urban fantasy/mystery. So if you enjoy Tony Hillerman, Charlaine Harris, or Nevada Barr, please give Stormwalker a look.

Captain Lacey mysteries: I am in the process of republishing the Captain Lacey novels on Kindle. My timetable is to have book one up by Feb, and the others to follow each month. (I have a gorgeous new cover for Hanover Square, which I will post as release time nears).

I am doing this with an eye to continuing the series. This series pretty much got dumped by the publisher, and I've been struggling to revive it ever since. It's been a hard row to hoe, and I appreciate the ongoing supportive messages about the books. I will get Book 7 and more out there one way or the other! Stay tuned.

Ashley Gardner

Friday, May 07, 2010

Stormwalker is out!

My mystery/fantasy series starring a Navajo heroine who can channel the power of storms (Stormwalker, by Allyson James), is out this week from Berkley. It's available in Wal-Mart, chain bookstores, indie bookstores, and in ebook at Sony and Barnes and Noble (among others).

More about the series, plus an excerpt is here:

Enjoy! Book 2, Firewalker, will be out in November.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

While waiting...mysteries

While waiting for my new Mystery/Paranormal/UF series to debut on May 4 (STORMWALKER, as Allyson James), I'm enjoying watching mysteries.

I just now caught up with the Jesse Stone TV movies, which I think are very well done. I haven't read all the books, but I thought they captured the flavor of them well. I was saddened to hear of Robert Parker's death, but I'm pleased that two more of the movie versions will be coming out soon: No Remorse and Innocents Lost (I think in 2010).

I've also "discovered" the British series, Life on Mars (I know there was a US version, but I missed it somehow, and I usually prefer the Brit versions anyway). Premise: A DCI in 2006 gets hit by a car and time-travels back to 1973. He's now a DI, working for a completely non-PC, sexist, thinks with his fists, total jerk who drinks on the job that you can't help liking. Go figure.

Since I don't watch much TV (too busy writing), I like it when I stumble upon things, usually several years too late, but then I can Netflix the whole series without having to wait for releases.

Speaking of new releases, though, Foyle's War returns on May 2!! to PBS. (Although I keep asking whether it should be called Foyle's Post-War... )

Looking forward to more Wallander later in the year.

Forgive the TV indulgence--I'm a mystery junkie!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Updates for Jan 2010

Hi all: The good news is that my agent and I are again talking about where to take the Lacey mystery series. We're kicking around ideas. We're slow because I'm contracted at Berkley now for four more romances and three urban fantasies. A lot to write!

The Stormwalker series will lean more toward the mystery side: Think Jim Butcher or Charlaine Harris meets Tony Hillerman.

More information on that series can be found at the series page:

I will be posting a first chapter there soon. The book is out in May.

I am excited by what my agent and I are discussing, and am more hopeful about the Lacey series than I have been. I'll keep you posted.