Wednesday, August 31, 2005

site changes

My site will be moving to a new host (same name) gradually, so it will not be updated for a while. I'll be posting any updates, excerpts, announcements, new book news, etc. here so that the file transfer to the new site will be easier.

One reason I like the Regency period is--no Internet! Of course, they had their share of quirks. In the Regency, books were purchased unbound; a gentleman would send his books to a bookbinder to be bound in hardback. If the books were in volumes (e.g., Richardson's Clarissa, published in the mid-1700s, was published in volumes, not the huge tome we buy from Penguin), then the gentleman could collect all the volumes and bind them together. So a wealthy man could have a library of beautifully bound books. A poor man who liked to read would have to try to keep his paper copies nice.

The cover of A Body in Berkeley Square is posted below. I think Berkley did a nice job.

Ashley Gardner

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