Saturday, March 03, 2012

Update on Captain Lacey

Disappearance in Drury Lane is still in the works. I'm behind where I want to be, due to two things: 1) Spending most of this month sick as a dog (I hear many others having the same trouble); 2) Having a book overdue to my publisher (said illness slowing that down as well).

Once I get the book turned in to my editor, I'm going to take a short break and try to get over this lingering cold. I'll indulge in my dollhouses (, catch up on my reading, maybe take a stroll up to the mountains or over to the coast. I've been working nonstop, seven days a week, since July, and I think I need a few days off.

Once I feel better, the next two things on my plate are Nightwalker (in my Stormwalker series), and A Disappearance in Drury Lane. I'm writing books for three pseudonyms, switching off every three: Ashley Gardner, Jennifer Ashley, Allyson James, Ashley Gardner... etc. This, of course, must be fit around my Berkley deadlines. It's tricky, but it's working thus far.

I apologize for being a bit behind, but a few months behind is better than a six-year gap between books! Captain Lacey and I disliked that immensely.

The plan is to put out 1-2 Lacey books a year, until we all think the series is done. I prefer full-length books to novellas, as I can put a lot of meat into them, but those, naturally, take a little longer.

I will update my status as I go, so you'll know when to start expecting Disappearance.

On a better note, the paperback edition of A Death in Norfolk now has wider distribution. You can order it from Barnes & Noble and through Indiebound and other booksellers.

Thanks to all who have found the Lacey series and for hanging in there with me

(Photo, by the way, from a dollhouse at the Mini Time Machine Dollhouse Miniatures museum in Tucson. A marvelous museum, worth the trip.)

Ashley Gardner


Pamela said...

I am very glad there are more of these coming. I've enjoyed your Jennifer Ashley books for years, but didn't know about these until I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas. Thanks for the hours of enjoyment your hard work allows me. Pamela Harris

Claire Gregory said...

Likewise, I'm so happy to hear there are many more Lacey mysteries to come! I also discovered them after getting an iPad (with Kindle) for Christmas and read all the published volumes in less than a fortnight. I'm looking forward to A Disappearance in Drury Lane when you get a chance to finish it :)

Karen H in NC said...

I only recently discovered your Captain Lacey mystery series. And I'm about half done with The Hanover Square Affair...loving every word of it too!

I have books 4.5, 5, 6 & 6.5 on my TBR shelves and I have wishes out for in Paperback Swap for the rest in the series. Is it necessary to read the books in order or are they basically stand alone stories?

Jennifer Ashley/ Allyson James / Ashley Gardner said...

Karen: I'd read them in order if you possibly can. Lacey has a definite growth arc in his relationships with others, and in his own development. I have re-released the entire series in ebook (revised and re-edited), tho' you can still find the used paperbacks (through Paperback Swap and I hope you enjoy them!!

Julie said...

Thank you for the enjoyment of your Captain Lacey series.
Death in Norfolk was wonderful! I loved the interaction between Denis and Lacey. Denis needs his own series and an honorable woman for him, too. ;)
Looking forward to A Disappearance in Drury Lane!

Katherine Bone said...

Get well soon! I think everyone is looking forward to your latest in the series. I know I am!

Annette said...

This is a new to me series, and I am looking forward to finding one of the books. I learned a great deal from your comments about the Runners.

Sinead said...

Hi, I would just like to say thank you so much for the Captain Lacey series. I have enjoyed them so much and and the writing really is first class.
Recently I read. Book called Pirate Next Door, and I thoughts at the end that this was a great book because of the quality of the writing, which is far above the norm for this genre. Imagine my surprise and pleasure when I found out the author, Jennifer Ashey was also Ashley Gardner. I hope you will take that as a compliment - your writing and flair for storytelling stands above the great characters you create, no matter the genre. Can't wait for more books!

Anonymous said...

Great series. Look forward to more. No need to wrap the series for some time to come.

Nancie Eagan said...

I so appreciate your Captain Lacey series! I originally tried the 1st book because it was only .99 cents, but I must say, once I read that one, I was completely hooked and would be willing to pay full price for this extremely entertaining, well researched and written collection. I am eagerly anticipating "A Disappearance in Drury Lane". Keep up the good work you are an awesome storyteller.

Star-Maiden said...

When can we expect an e-book on "A Death At Norfolk?

Jennifer Ashley/ Allyson James / Ashley Gardner said...

A Death in Norfolk is already in ebook. You can find it on:

B&N Nook, Apple, Sony, and Kobo.