Saturday, September 01, 2012

High Time for a Captain Lacey update

I know you all are waiting patiently for Disappearance in Drury Lane. It will happen (just as Death in Norfolk happened). I was very certain early this year that I could write and publish like the wind, but then reality set in. The fingers can only type so fast, and the brain cells can only function so long. I am under contract to get certain books done and to Berkley, and I am trying to continue another series of my heart as well as this one.

That said, here's where things stand:

My "urban" fantasy (set in the rural southwest), Nightwalker, is almost done (I'm revising the draft)--hope to have that out soon.

For my Jennifer Ashley side, I just pubbed a short novel (part of the Shifters Unbound series)--now I owe Berkley two more novellas and a novel, one a month until November. One novella is nearly done--will turn it in next week.

After Nightwalker is published, I'll be able to focus more on Captain Lacey again (around the Berkley books, of course). My goal is to have Disappearance out in October (on the anniversary of Death in Norfolk), but failing that, by the end of the year at least

Disappearance book will be available both in e-book and print.

Captain Lacey and the series is *very* important to me, so rest assured, I have not, and never have, abandoned it. I have lots of ideas for more books, and will have a Captain Lacey blitz soon (sales on older titles, e-book boxed set of the second three books + novella, and other things).

While I have contracts to fill for my JA persona, Captain Lacey is always in my thoughts. Besides, my mother loves this series, and trust me, she badgers me every day to get the next one out ASAP!


jml said...

I think we all appreciate how busy you are and I for one am glad you're getting the recognition you deserve for ALL your pen names.

We're more than willing to wait for the next Captain Lacey because it will be another gem.

Thanks for the update!

Mom in High Heels said...

YAY!!!! I've been so sad without Cpt. Lacey. I've reread all the others (twice) waiting for this next book and I'm just itching to get it. Thanks for the update and my Kindle stands are the ready for the day it drops!

Anonymous said...

I wish I was one of the people waiting patiently! :) For those of us who are impatient (and foolish enough to read the books one after another like a bag of Lay's potato chips once discovered), it has been a long drought!

Thanks for the update. I am so looking forward to more Captain Lacey. Happy writing!

janievan said...

I am waiting, but not all that patiently....I try, but they are just too good!!!! I am with your mom on this one!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! I've been checking your blog ( no so patiently) since April. I CAN HARDLEY WAIT, I'm so excited! Thanks again.

cinbear said...

Can't wait for new book, like your mother love ,love series so glad you continued it. Have all the books in my nook, many readings. Thanks love historical mysteries!