Friday, May 03, 2013

Drury Lane and Regency England

Now have one hundred plus pages on Drury Lane! I'm absolutely thrilled to be making progres--it's taken me so dang long to be able to sit down and write this book.

While I'm posting, I'd like to pass on an excellent reference to all things Regency (and late eighteenth century, England and a more global context): the Jane Austen's World blog.

Well worth browsing through for both lovers of Jane Austen's novels and a look into the world of the time.


MJC said...
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MJC said...

Can't wait!! Thanks for the update.

Adriana said...

I really feel that Captain Lacey is so real and human. I am waiting for him for more than one year, I almost forgetting about this series because you taking a long to time to finish it, may be u should focus in one book at the time. I hope he gets a little more hot with his affairs too, a little bit only, I know this series is not alike the others ones.
I am waiting for the Kindle version so I hope it comes finally before the year ends.