Thursday, May 14, 2009

Time for a Levity Break!

It's been a wild, wacky, frustrating, weird past couple of weeks. Great buzz on my new release. Very weird problems with new release (not *everything* went wrong, but so many things did, and still are).

Plus this week I've turned in 1. proofreading of one book; 2. copyedits of novella; 3. submitted ms.; 4. submitted another ms. Not to mention writing blogs almost every day for my mini blog tour.

Happily I have everything turned in, my blog tour is done, and now I have two things on my immediate plate: more proofreading and starting a new ms. (due July 1).

It is far, far, far past time for a break. I'm going to return next week to reviews and interviews, but for now ... Sheep. (watch to the end; you'll be glad you did)

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