Tuesday, April 20, 2010

While waiting...mysteries

While waiting for my new Mystery/Paranormal/UF series to debut on May 4 (STORMWALKER, as Allyson James), I'm enjoying watching mysteries.

I just now caught up with the Jesse Stone TV movies, which I think are very well done. I haven't read all the books, but I thought they captured the flavor of them well. I was saddened to hear of Robert Parker's death, but I'm pleased that two more of the movie versions will be coming out soon: No Remorse and Innocents Lost (I think in 2010).

I've also "discovered" the British series, Life on Mars (I know there was a US version, but I missed it somehow, and I usually prefer the Brit versions anyway). Premise: A DCI in 2006 gets hit by a car and time-travels back to 1973. He's now a DI, working for a completely non-PC, sexist, thinks with his fists, total jerk who drinks on the job that you can't help liking. Go figure.

Since I don't watch much TV (too busy writing), I like it when I stumble upon things, usually several years too late, but then I can Netflix the whole series without having to wait for releases.

Speaking of new releases, though, Foyle's War returns on May 2!! to PBS. (Although I keep asking whether it should be called Foyle's Post-War... )

Looking forward to more Wallander later in the year.

Forgive the TV indulgence--I'm a mystery junkie!

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