Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Captain Lacey in Print

I'm pleased to announce that The Hanover Square Affair, Book 1 of the Capt. Lacey Regency Mysteries, is now available in print from Amazon.

If you know of readers who like to read in print form only, please alert them. At this point, The Hanover Square Affair must be ordered online from either Amazon or CreateSpace.

Next in the print queue is The Necklace Affair (and Other Stories)--not because it's next in sequence, but because The Necklace Affair thus far has been offered only in e-book form.

For the print edition, The Necklace Affair will be gathered with the stories in The Gentleman's Walking Stick to make one volume of the Captain Lacey tales. Just to be confusing, the cover art will be that of The Gentleman's Walking Stick, but with The Necklace Affair for the title. Look for that in a few weeks (I will post as well).

A Death in Norfolk is progressing on schedule. I am almost finished with the ms., and then it will be edited, proofed, etc. Pub. date should be October 15. Death in Norfolk will also be out in print, if not simultaneously with the e-release, then shortly thereafter (as in a couple of weeks). The rest of the series will follow!

I was also thrilled to learn that the Capt. Lacey series has now sold its 50,000th digital copy! Thank you for the continued support.

Ashley Gardner


Dalila G. said...

Wonderful news Ashley!

Congrats on selling 50,000 digital copies!

I can't wait to get my copy of DEATH IN NORFOLK, October 15 is just around corner and my Kindle still has plenty of room! :-)

Jennifer Ashley/ Allyson James / Ashley Gardner said...

The date has had to move to Oct 20, but it's still coming! :-)