Saturday, September 10, 2011

Short Story Collection: The Gentleman's Walking Stick

Because I'm still writing A Death in Norfolk, I decided to put up a Capt. Lacey short story anthology this month. I had planned on putting it together after Norfolk, but because I'm delayed, why wait?

Two short stories are gathered in this anthology: 1. "The Gentleman's Walking Stick"; and 2. "The Disappearance of Miss Sarah Oswald."

I wrote and sold both of these stories before I began the Lacey novels. To my surprise, "The Disappearance of Miss Sarah Oswald," first published in Over My Dead Body! Mystery Magazine, was nominated for a Derringer award (given by the Short Mystery Fiction Society) for best short story of the year.

The reception of these stories encouraged me to write The Hanover Square Affair and try to get it published, and the rest is history.

Both are standalone stories, but in the series cycle, they can fall anywhere after Sudbury School Murders.

The collection, titled The Gentleman's Walking Stick, is available from




And will be available on Kindle UK and DE when everything processes through.

In other news: The books are in the process of being reprinted in trade paperback editions. The Hanover Square Affair will be the first available, probably next month, with the others following. The Necklace Affair will be printed together with the stories in The Gentleman's Walking Stick, for one volume of shorter works.

Thank you for your patience about A Death in Norfolk. I got backed up on two other series I'm doing at Berkley, always tricky. However, the book is on its way.


Ashley Gardner

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