Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Necklace Affair is Out!

At last--a brand new, never-before-published Captain Lacey story! The Necklace Affair is now available.

Find it on:


and in various formats on Smashwords: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/64839

(It will eventually be loaded to other vendors via Smashwords--that takes time, but Smashwords makes it downloadable in many different formats. It is an ebook only at this point, but it will be bundled with another book when the books get re-printed).

The Necklace Affair began as a story I started one day on jury duty. It sat unrevised on my computer for years. (I had the vague notion of sending it to Ellery Queen magazine or some such, but life got in the way.) I found it while going through the files to prepare to re-release the Lacey books and write new ones.

I rewrote, revised, and expanded the story to a ten-chapter novella (remnants of the original jottings I did in the jury waiting room are still there).

The story falls between the events in The Sudbury School Murders and A Body in Berkeley Square (which will come out in July).

I might do a few more novellas, but my priority is the full-length novels. I am hard at work on A Death in Norfolk, which will come out after Covent Garden Mystery is re-released.

I hope you enjoy this interum story. It represents, to me, a great triumph in getting the Lacey books moving forward again!

Ashley Gardner

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