Saturday, August 27, 2011

Updates: Next book, Print, Sony, etc.

First, I want to again thank the readers of the Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries. This month I hit a milestone: The Lacey novels have now sold more e-copies than the entire series ever did in print.

I am hard at work on A Death in Norfolk, very much enjoying the research on Norfolk and Lacey's past. I'm slightly behind on writing the book (this is not unusual for me), because I have two Jennifer Ashley books kicking me at the same time (timing at publisher; it is the way of publishing).

However, the book won't be delayed *that* much--I'm thinking a few weeks at most. I want to have it out as soon as it can be finished, edited, and proofed.

At the same time, the books are being prepped for print re-release, hopefully all six, plus Necklace Affair, very quickly one after the other, so that Death in Norfolk can be released simultaneously in e- and print. I do not want to leave out readers in any format.

The Lacey series has now started to appear on Sony and Kobo. For some strange reason, they both have Covent Garden Mystery and one or two of the others, with no seeming regard to series order. I have no idea why; both vendors were shipped all the books. Wait and watch is all we can do. I'm happy at least that some of the books are at those vendors.

Again, the entire series can be purchased from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. I have links to all at

I will update as the pub date for Death in Norfolk nears and arrives.


Dalila G. said...

I can't wait to get my hands on A DEATH IN NORFOLK, Captain Lacey books are wonderful reads!

I'm not telling you what to do, but I'll happily wait a wee bit longer for your book.
I know you will do right by the story, so no rush! LOL!!

Have an awesome week!

Unknown said...

So glad I found these e-books on my Kindle. I am loving them. I can't wait for the new on to hit the e-shelves.

jeri said...

I was up until 2 AM finishing A COVENT GARDEN Mystery! The series is great. I have read nothing but Captain Lacey books over the last 2 months, so maybe I can now catch up on the laundry while I wait for A DEATH IN NORFOLK!

janievan said...

adeptsI bought your first one and it sat on my kindle for months. I finally read it and WOW! I immediately bought all the remaining ones and have enjoyed every on thoroughly. I have just bought your short stories and am awaiting Death in Norfolk. Thanks for a great series.

Anonymous said...

Hurry, my dear. I need the next Capt. Lacey mystery. At 70 I have a need for immediate gratification, you know. LOL